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Invoices and payments

Here you can find information regarding invoices and payments.

Switch to e-invoicing!

Switch to e-invoicing and receive your invoices directly to your online bank.

What is an e-invoice?

E-invoice is a digital version of a traditional paper invoice. It includes all the same information as a paper invoice but it is a more ecological option and you can see it directly in your online banking system well before the due date. Most banks also offer a notification service, so you’ll get a message when a new invoice arrives. E-invoice is a secure option as there is no risk of the invoice going missing and you’ll have a digital archive of your previous invoices at your online bank. E-invoicing makes paying bills very easy as all the needed information is already there, you only have to accept the payment.

How to activate e-invoicing?

You can activate e-invoicing at your own online banking system. There are some differences between banks but here are the main steps that are similar to all banks:

  1. Take out your latest invoice.
  2. Log in to your online bank.
  3. Find the section for ordering e-invoices.
  4. Search for Keravan Energia and choose that as the supplier.
  5. Add the reference number from your latest invoice.
  6. Select the account you want to use for payments. You can also select automatic payments if you want.
  7. Confirm the activation of e-invoice.

Invoices and payments – frequently asked questions

Here you can find answeres to some frequently asked questions about invoices and payments.

Invoices and payments

How to read your electricity invoice

1. Info box

On the top right corner of the first page you can find all the information regarding the invoice and your customership, such as the number of the invoice, your customer number, the contract number and the number and address of the place of use.

2. Invoice summary

Next on the invoice, there is a summary. It includes the total of the payment, VAT and due date. The more precise breakdown is printed on the other side.

3. Announcements

There is a space for announcements in the middle.

4. Payment information

At the bottom of the page you can find the information needed to make the payment, such as account number and the reference number. We no longer have a traditional bank transfer form in use. If you use bank’s payment service, you can fill the required information on their empty blanket and send that forward to your bank.

5. Keravan Energia’s contact details

Our contact details can be found at the bottom right corner.

6. Breakdown

On the second page, you can find the breakdown of the invoice. If you are both our  electricity and transfer network customer, you will see the breakdown of your electricity transfer first and used energy below.

Invoicing is based on the hourly readings from your electricity meter.

Apply for an extension for payment

You can apply for a max 30 days extension to your invoice due date. Please email to apply.

Payment planning

Do you need help to pay your electricity bills? Read more what options there are.