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Problems with payments

Did the prices go high and you got a surprisingly large electricity bill? Did something happen and now you have problems paying your invoice before the due date? We have a few options that can help you with your troubles. Read more below.

Apply for an extension

You can apply for an extension for your invoice’s due date by emailing us at The extension can be maximum 30 days and the application can only be done before the original due date. If the invoice is already overdue, you cannot apply for an extension.

If you have troubles paying your bills, please let us know as soon as possible. In all payment difficulties, contact us via email

Please notice, that if the due date is pushed back 14 dayr or more, we will charge a 5 euro fee for the new payment plan.

For more information on issues with payments, see the FAQ below.

Payment planning

Do you need help to pay your electricity bills? Read more what options there are.

Apply for a payment program

Because the price of electricity has been less easy to predict which is why we offer our consumer customers the possibility to apply for an payment program where the invoice is divided into smaller amounts. Companies are not able to apply.

You can apply for a payment program, where your individual invoice will be divided into smaller monthly payments. There can be maximum of six (6) payments and the invoice will be paid in full after six months. You can make the application only for invoices that are not yet overdue so remember to contact us well before your invoice’s due date.  

Please note that you will receive new invoices regularly also besides the payment program.  

For more information on the payment program email