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Connecting and disconnecting electricity

Connecting electricity

To get electricity connected, you need to have a valid electricity sales contract. If you have tendered your electricity sales, we will connect the electricity after we have been notified of a new contract by your electricity sales company. Connecting is free of charge when the order to connect has been made on the previous weekday before 15:00. All connecting work is done on weekdays between 8:00 and 14:00. If you require connecting outside this timeframe, it will be charged according to the service fee price list. It is possible to have electricity connected on the day when the contract is made but for a fee, it is not free of charge. In a situation where same day connecting is needed, please call our customer service.

Important safety issues regarding connecting electricity

After we receive your moving day from your electricity seller, we will confirm the connecting date via SMS. We will not send a separate notification when the electricity has been connected. Connecting is done either remotely or by a electrician at the electricity meter so we will not be able to detect any possible dangers regarding electric appliances. To make sure that the connecting is safe to do, please make sure that there are no electric appliances turned on on the location at the time of the connecting, that can cause a possible safety or fire hazard. Such hazard can be caused for example by a stove at your sauna or a cooker and oven at the kitchen, if for some reason they have been turned on when the power has been out.

Disconnecting electricity

To avoid possible safety risks, we recommend that when moving out of an apartment, the electricity is turned off from the main switch. This minimises the risk of fire hazards and it is safer when connecting electricity for those moving into the apartment next. In detached or other small houses, electricity should be switched off from the button at the electricity meter. If you turn off the main switch of the house, also the meter loses its energy source and then connecting the electricity remotely is not possible.

Connecting and disconnecting electricity for unpaid invoices

We will disconnect the electricity supply only after the electricity user has significantly neglected payments or violated terms of agreement. If your electricity supply has been cut off because of unpaid invoices, do the following to get them back on:

  1. Pay all your open and overdue invoices as one full payment. Also pay the unpaid connecting and disconnecting fees in the same payment. When paying, use the same account and reference numbers as in your previous invoices. Reference number is the same as your contract number.

  2. Send a receipt of the payment to us. We will turn your electricity back on during the same weekday if we receive the receipt by 14:00. Send the receipt by email to using headline “Kytkentäpyyntö”. You can make processing even faster by adding your customer number to the headline.

If you follow these steps, we will reconnect your electricity. You don’t have to call us.

If the electricity was disconneced by request of another electricity seller, you will have to pay their receivables to them. After they receive their payment, they will notify us and ask for connecting.

By asking for connecting, you also confirm that you have ensured that it is safe to connect the electricity as stated above.