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Service fees

from 1.4.2024

All prices include VAT 24 % unless otherwise mentioned.


Connections and disconnections related to the collection of invoices are made on weekdays from 9:00 to 15:00. For electricity sales customers outside our own network, we charge electricity disconnection and connection fees according to the service fee price list of the local distribution network company.

Connecting the electricity when moving is free of charge, as long as the order is made on the previous weekday before 15:00 Connections are made on weekdays between 8:00 and 14:00.

Invoicing and collection

Price €

Invoice copy 5,00 €
A statement requested by the customer, e.g. about an invoice 80,00 €/h (min. 1h)
Payment reminder, consumers (excl. vat) 5,00 €
Payment reminder, companies (excl. vat) 10,00 €
Disconnection warning (excl. vat) 5,00 €
Making a payment contract 5,00 €

Connecting and disconnecting electricity in connection with collection

Disconnection fee 50,00 €*
Disconnection fee 62,00 €**
Connection fee 50,00 €
Collection visit without disconnection 80,00 €

*The disconnection fee is VAT-free for the customer when the electricity is disconnected at the point of use due to the customer’s non-payment.

**If the disconnection is made at the customer’s own request, it is a VAT service provided to the customer. When the electricity seller requests a disconnection from the network operator, it is a service provided by the network operator to the seller, for which VAT is collected from the seller.

Connection of electricity when the customer moves

The connection has been ordered by 15:00 on the previous weekday at the latest 0,00 €
Connection on the same day, ordered on a weekday between 9:00 and 15:00 50,00 €
Connection on the same day, ordered at other times 200,00 €
More information on connecting and disconnecting electricity

Connection fee for conversion works

In the archipelago, we charge double the connection fees. The connection fee includes the connection of the cable and possible nailing of the cable, as well as the necessary connectors.

Cable max
AXMK 4×35 300,00 €/piece
AXMK 4×120 400,00 €/piece
AXMK 4×185 500,00 €/piece
Unnecessary visit by an installer
The fee will be charged if the installer cannot do his work at the agreed time for reasons attributable to the customer.
250,00 €/piece

Site center connection fee

max 100 A 500,00 €/piece
max 200 A 800,00 €/piece
max 400 A 1200,00 €/piece
Larger than 400 A are priced case by case.
Work on weekdays between 7.00 – 15.30 70,00 €/h
Work during on-call hours 140,00 €/h
Changing the main fuse on weekdays between 7.00 – 15.30 150,00 €
Changing the main fuse during on-call hours 220,00 €
Fault current device check on weekdays between klo 7.00 – 15.30 150,00 €
Fault current device check on-call hours 220,00 €
Cable inspection (emergency) 55,00 €/h
Cable inspection (ordered minimum 3 days in advance) 0,00 €

Minimum charge for work is 1h. In the archipelago we charge double for replacing the main fuse and for the fault current device check.

Electricity measurement

Meter check on customer’s order 300,00 €
Transfer product change 0,00 €
Change of measuring 110,00 €
Serial metering fee for the breakdown of electricity tax 50,00 €/invoice
Connection maintenance fee Kerava 4,70 €/month
Connection maintenance fee Sipoo 12,50 €/month
20 kV Connection maintenance fee 300,00 €/month