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Termination of an electricity contract

If you want to terminate your contract with us, here you can read how to do it and when it is possible to terminate a contract. You can also find information of how to end the contract when the contract holder is deceased.

How to terminate an electricity contract?

  • If you are switching to another electricity seller, you don’t have to terminate the contract yourself.
  • When you switch your supplier, the new supplier will terminate the contract for you. This takes approximately 14 days.
  • If you terminate the contract because you are moving out, you can do that online at our portal, by calling our customer service or via email.
  • Please notice that even if we do not immediately respond to your termination notice, it will be put into effect on the date you have given, as long as it is within the termination period.

Termination period of an electricity contract

When an electricity contract can be terminated? See the differences between different types of contracts.

  • Fixed-term electricity contract: Fixed-term contracts such as Joustosähkö, Perussähkö and Paikallissähkö are valid throughout the time period set in the contract. Contract cannot be terminated prematurely.
  • Electricity contract valid for an indefinite period: Varttisähkö where the price is updated quarterly is a contract that is valid indefinitely. Contract can be terminated with a two-week notice period.
  • Exchange price electricity: Fiksusähkö is an electricity contract with a fluctuating price that is tied to the energy market pricing (SPOT-pricing). Contract is valid indefinitely. Contract can be terminated with a two-week notice period.

Can I terminate my contract online?

Electricity contract can be terminated online at our portal.
Currently the portal is available only in Finnish and Swedish.


Can a fixed-term contract be terminated?

Fixed-term electricity contract is valid until the term ends. It is not possible to terminate a fixed-term contract prematurely. Fixed-term contract can be terminated only in case you move.

Breach of contract

So-called “fake moves” are not allowed. If we have a reason to believe that the holder of the contract has not actually moved to another address, we have the right to check the address details from the proper authorities. In case of a breach of contract, we have the right to collect the missing receivables from the prematurely terminated contract as compensation.

“Fake move” means terminating the contract stating to be moving out and then obtaining another contract to the same address under another person’s name, so that there has never actually been a move to another address.

When the contract is nearing its end

When the fixed-term set in the contract is approaching its end, you can switch to another contract or electricity seller freely. We will send you an offer for a new contract 90 days before your current contract ends. You can accept the offer or switch to some other contract. At latest one month before your contract is about to end, you should actively select your new contract. If you do not select a new contract yourself, you will be automatically switched to a contract that is valid for an indefinite period.


Right of cancellation and terminating the contract before it has started

If you have signed an electricity contract remotely, you have a right of cancellation up to 14 days. You can cancel the contract by filling out the following form:


Notice! After the 14-day cancellation period, normal rules of contract termination are applied.

Disputing an electricity contract

Did you receive an unfounded contract confirmation in your email after talking on the phone with an energy sales person? It means that the process to switch your electricity vendor has begun and you are being transferred a customer to another company. Even if the sales call happened over 14 days ago, you can still stop the process and the creation of a contract.


Terminating electricity contract when moving

Some energy companies allow you to transfer your old electricity contract to another location when you move and some don’t. At Keravan Energia, you cannot continue your contract in another address when you move but we are more than happy to make a new contract for your new address after terminating the old one.

It is possible to terminate a contract (even if it is fixed-term) when you move. In other words, when you move and have registered to another address (moved according to the Finnish tax authorities), you can terminate your old agreement without a penalty.

Tips on terminating the contract when moving

  • Start by terminating your contract with your electricity network company. Do bear in mind that address change notification alone is not enough.
  • Terminate your contract as early as possible before the moving day (preferably a month before but at least 14 day earlier).
  • Make a new contract for your new address. A new network contract will be formed automatically when you make a contract with an electricity sales company.

Terminating the contract in case of a death

  • The shareholder of the estate must contact both the electricity network company and the electricity sales company and inform them that the relative has passed away. We don’t get this information from anywhere else.
  • Ask all the shareholders of the estate for a power of attorney if you want to terminate the electricity contract. The electricity contract can be in the name of the estate until the deed is done.
  • In practice, estate contracts are valid until the estate partners terminate them, or the new resident signs an electricity contract and electricity transmission contract for the apartment.
  • If it is an apartment building, the shareholders of the estate can terminate the electricity contract by notifying us. In a detached or other form of small house, which also has an electricity network contract and a fixed electricity connection, we do not recommend terminating the electricity contract until the new owner and/or new occupant is known. The termination of the electricity network contract leads to the dismantling of the network connection and the opening of a new connection will be charged according to our service fee price list.